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Welcome to the website of Acorn Dog Training

- An Established Dog Training School which uses methods that are kind, fair and extremely effective to the dog and which strives to help people understand the realities involved with living with and training their dogs.

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Important - Before embarking on any training course, or hiring a trainer, please read this article

Established in Milton Keynes since 1991 we always pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the latest knowledge in canine learning  using only kind, reward based training methods, we have small classes to ensure individual attention in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Fran Griffin
has been training dogs for many years, was one of the founder members of the UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and also, until long term illness struck, a member of the UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists. Although Fran no longer carries out behaviour work, she has an ongoing interest in animal learning, and obtained a BSc (Hons) in Psychology to enable her to have more of an understanding of the learning processes involved in training. Fran is currently in the throws of moving to Wales. Acorn Dog Training is now about to be divided up between Good Dog MK Clever K9 Dog Training and Haines Hounds Dog Training. To contact Fran please email or call 01908 397236

Fran is now a member of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme working towards accreditation. As such Fran and Craig (see below) are working to a strict code of conduct.


Glynis Gammie (Associate) Good Dog MK (New Bradwell) has owned and lived with dogs for over 35 years. Eight years ago she joined the Anglian Wolf Society as a volunteer trainee handler.

During her training Glynis found herself fascinated with canine behaviour and body language and began to study this in more depth. Subsequently, she has completed several courses in Canine Psychology, gaining a certificate in Advanced Canine Psychology.

In order to gain insight and practical experience with dogs Glynis began working with Fran in November 2004 as a trainee instructor and eventually took her own classes. Glynis is now trading under her own name of Good Dog MK in preparation of the split when Fran moves to S. Wales later in the year. Glynis is currently running puppy classes and junior classes and is available for one to one training sessions, and behaviour consultations. To contact Glynis, please call 01908 397236 or email.



Acorn Dog Training is proud to announce that we are being re-joined by Craig Baker of Clever K9 Dog Training as an Associate Trainer .

Craig has lived and worked with dogs for 13 years. His love of dogs started with a rehomed lurcher that was found abandoned many years ago. Since then Craig has had various dogs including his pet dog Harry a black labrador retriever which is how he met Fran many years ago and trained Harry to gold in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme and also trained him in agility. In 2001 Craig was successful in becoming a service dog handler. During his six years Craig furthered his education in the dog world and working trials and completed various courses including emergency dog trauma. Craig handled and trained various working dogs including German Shepherd Dogs, Spaniels and Labradors. Craig achieved force trials champion for several years and represented the force at the regional dog trials. Craig came 2nd at the British Police and Services Dog Of The Year. Craig has always had an interest in dog training and along with working with Acorn Dog Training as a trainee instructor has examined the Good Citizen Dog Scheme at all levels for several years. Although Craig has trained service dogs, he trains pet dogs using kind, reward based methods in keeping with the entire ethos of Acorn Dog Training. He is also very approachable with regards to help and advice. Craig is taking courses for the Good Citizen Dog Scheme and is available for one to one training.

Craig is now a member of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme working towards accreditation and therefore runs to a strict code of conduct

To contact Craig please call 07984 521622 or email


Ellie Haines of Haines Hounds is now also available for classes and one to one training. Ellie is running Trick Training Classes on Saturday mornings. A new trick training page will be added to this website soon.  To check out Ellie's details, please visit her Haines Hounds Website.

Our class assistants are: Emma, Lisa, Tammy and Jenni.

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Dog Grooming is now available from one of our former class assistants based in Kents Hill, Milton Keynes. Click on the link below for full details.


Please call us for some FREE advice BEFORE deciding to buy a puppy. Different breeds have different needs, so you need to research the breed first. There are also a great many pitfalls involved in selecting the right puppy. Are you in contact with reputable breeders? Would you know the signs of a puppy farm dealership if you went to one? There are also many genetic problems, which many perspective owners are unaware of. Please don't be caught out, and end up one of the many who end up broken hearted.

If you don't know where dealerships obtain their puppies from then take a look at these websites for some of the hard facts:





Call to end illegal puppy farms and dealerships


Adopting a rescue dog can also result in major problems and heartache. For the cost of a telephone call, we are here to help you in all aspects of selection. Be a happy dog owner. Be fully aware. Know that you are doing the right thing. Please call us today.



Main Contact for Acorn Dog Training: Fran 01908 397236, or email Fran by clicking here



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