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Hello and welcome to all doggy loving people.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with full details of the classes I run, and the behaviour services which I can provide for problem dogs.

My Name is Fran Griffin. I am principal trainer and dog behaviourist at Acorn Dog Training School.

I have been researching, and progressing my skills in dog training and behaviour problem solving for over 20 years and feel this is a subject area where learning never ceases, and despite my highly qualified background in behaviour sciences, my greatest teachers have been my own dogs, the dogs attending the classes, and also you – the owners.

I was accepted as a member of the UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists (UKRCB) in 1992. The UKRCB is a professional body that only recognises practitioners who have attained a very high standard of practice.

Fairly recently I have been joined by Angela Wilkins, a very talented trainer, who is completely dedicated to helping people and their dogs live together in harmony.

Please note that Fran Griffin is not associated with “Fran” who has very recently set up in the area trading under the name of “Puppy School”.

Classes are currently being held at Woughton on the Green, and some puppy groups at Newport Pagnell (currently fully booked). We are not going to be running any classes at Aspley Guise in the near future, please see our news page for full details.

Clicking on the appropriate paw mark to the left of this page will take you through to the pages which contain information about course availability, prices, locations etc.

The training methods used are exceptionally kind, highly successful and are scientifically proven. The aim of each course is to help you gain a true understanding of your dog, its needs and limitations, and to help foster a harmonious relationship, based upon trust, respect and friendship, not fear, dominance and subordination. All class sizes are deliberately kept small, so that we can provide you with as much help and support as possible, as well as maintaining an environment which reduces stress levels for dogs, thus reducing many of the problems which can result from attending some classes.

Site Article on ‘Dominance’

For further information please email me or telephone me on (01908) 397236. You may also telephone Angela on (01234) 711074.

Fran’s setters = trust and friendship, not dominance, and subordination. Copyright Nick Ridley – 2002-2004 (click on images to enlarge)

Are you thinking of getting a puppy or a rescue dog? Are you sure that your lifestyle matches the needs of the breed or type of dog that you are getting? Are you aware of the possible genetic defects your puppy may have inherited which may not show up until your puppy has fully grown? Are you aware of the severe problems you may encounter when you are adopting an adult dog from a shelter, who may not be honest (or knowing) of the truth as to why the dog was taken in for re-homing?

To help you avoid a heartbreaking, or even dangerous situation, please contact mail me for some free advice on selecting the right dog for you.

For a list of rescue centres who are known to be doing their best to match the right dog to the right owner AND provide good follow up service, please check out the list at the bottom of the links page on this site. If you run a good rescue centre that fits the above criteria, or can personally recommend one, then please mail me ith the details so that I may add them to the list.

Please DO NOT go out and buy a puppy simply because you like the look of it. Different breeds have different needs, and those needs may not be compatible with your lifestyle.

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