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The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme


Acorn Dog Training holds Kennel Club Listed Status. We run regular courses to educate owners about the importance of having a well trained dog which is completely well socialised and socially acceptable to other members of society. For full information about the Good Citizen Dog Scheme click on the Kennel Club logo:

If you would like to join our good citizen training we hold the following classes consisting of 6 sessions:

Thursday 27th May at 6.30pm with Angela.

Contact Angela by clicking here or telephone her on 01234 711074

The cost of a 6 week training course is £45.

Ella practises her “Go to bed” for her Gold Award (click on image to enlarge)

WE WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE EVERYONE WHO PASSED THE GOOD CITIZENS TEST in 2004, details of those who passed in previous years can be viewed here for 2002 and here for 2003

These passes are genuine achievements. All dogs have to show that they are able complete the exercises to a satisfactory standard. At Acorn Dog Training, we do NOT allow dogs to pass tests at any level if they are unable to complete the required tasks in a satisfactory manner. Neither do we suggest that dogs whom we feel require further training join in on test days.

Congratulations to those who braved the appalling elements to pass the Bronze Award 18th April 2004. These are:

Gill Reeman and Tiggy, German Shorthaired Pointer
Beverly Saunders and Sam, Working Sheep Dog
Dave Judge and Casper… a kind of staffie with long legs and bat ears!!!
Tracey Pavey and Tiah, Great Dane
Joanne Billing and Oscar, Working Sheep Dog
Louise Kau and Hollie, mixed breed
Vincent Kinner and Ollie, Labradoodle
Christine Tennent and Gem, Irish Setter
Amanda Beales and Winston, Boxer
Fran Griffin and Talullah, Irish Setter – my baby dog!!!
Scott and Robina Ballard-David, Molly, Rottweiler.

Those who passed their Silver Award are:

Fran Griffin and Talullah, Irish Setter
Amanda Beales and Winston, Boxer
Beverly Saunders and Sam, Working Sheep Dog
Chris Tennent and Gem, Irish Setter
Dave Judge and Casper, Bats ears… sorry Dave ~ Staffie mix
Jackie Watson and Sofie Patrice, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Joanne Billing and Oscar, Working Sheep Dog
Louise Kau and Hollie, mixed breed

Those who have passed their Gold Award are:

Fran Griffin and Talullah, Irish Setter
Chris Ryan and Ella, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Talullah does her 2 minute down stay on the Silver Award (click on image to enlarge), Talullah has now passed her Gold Award at the tender age of 8 months!

Many thanks to our regular judge, Steve Beechey of The Thames Valley Police Dog Section, and Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and to all those who gave generously to our nominated animal charity and managed to raise £65. Thanks also to Craig Baker of Bedfordshire Police Dog Section who judged the Gold Award

If ever there should be a special award, it should go to Jackie Watson with Sofie Patrice. Jackie is a senior citizen, who is herself seriously ill. To train a Cavalier King Charles to the exacting standards of the Silver Award takes time, patience a lot of hard work, plus a great deal of love. This goes to show what can be achieved by many able bodied people, if only they would give themselves and their dog the time and effort. Well done Jackie. Your efforts and achievements send a huge message to dog owners the world over ~ Much love and blessings to you both. Fran.

Well done for all the hard work and effort you have all put in to achieving this standard of training. Good to hear that you are continuing on to learn other things as well.

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