Acorn Dog Training

Training Classes For Adult Dogs

We run basic obedience classes and also agility classes.

Basic Obedience:

The basic obedience class for adult dogs include behavioural training for those who may have missed out when younger. These classes are open to dogs 5 months of age upwards.

Obedience exercises include, sit, lie down, sit stay, down stay, wait, come when called, walk on loose lead, and settle down/go to bed. In addition, we give advice on common behavioural problems such as Jumping up, chewing, digging, barking, leash pulling towards people/other dogs and much more.

Clicker training is being used and correctly applied by trainers with a real in-depth knowledge of the subject. If anyone claims that clicker training does not work for most dogs, then they really do not understand what clicker training is all about. This method is the most powerful I have ever used, and even I have been truly staggered by what my own puppy has managed to learn by the time she was 17 weeks (at the time of writing). Obviously with older dogs, there are many other factors which affect learning, and some problems are not actually training problems, but are classed as severe behavioural problems. For further information on the treatment of behavioural problems please click here.

We are now taking bookings for the following courses:

Thursday 24th June at 6.30pm. Location: Woughton on the Green. Please contact Fran by clicking here or telebone her on 01908 397236.

Apart from this, all other adult dog classes are fully booked until at least mid July.


Alternatively please contact Theresa Shipp of Shippshape School for Dogs on 01525 261504 who may have some classes available on other evenings. Although good and knowledgeable, please note, that they do not run to the exact format and criteria as Acorn Dog Training.

The price of our courses are £60 for 6 sessions. Class sizes are strictly limited to a maximum of 6 dogs (in some cases 5). Stress levels and overall behaviour are constantly monitored, to ensure that the best environment is created to aid learning. As with all of our courses, all dogs (and humans) are treated as individuals, not just ‘part of the class’. Between class advice is offered and all members of the family are welcome to attend if required. No aggressive dogs are allowed in these classes. For further information on the treatment of dogs with aggression problems, please click here

Beyond these classes we teach the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme and in this respect we hold “Kennel Club Listed Status”. Tests are carried out on a regular basis and most dogs who complete their initial 6 weeks training course go on to pass the Bronze award easily, if not the Silver too. A Kennel Club certificate and rosette is given to each successful entrant. For further information, please click on the Kennel Club thumbnail above.

Here are some photos of some of our dogs during the adult training. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge

Professor Taz from one of our Saturday courses shows how it’s done!

Gundog Training:

If you are interested in gundog training and you have either a bored family pet or a serious worker please contact Theresa Shipp at ShippShape School for Dogs (01525) 261504.

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