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Agility Classes:

Are run by Fran (01908) 397236, Jane Gold (01908) 563979, and now Darien Frankham (01908) 605622 and Bev Saunders.

We teach agility at all levels, from complete beginners to all levels of competition. So come along and enjoy the fun. Agility is for dogs of all shapes and sizes, NOT JUST FOR COLLIES. There are many dogs of different breeds, mixed breeds, shapes and sizes doing extremely well in agility.

If your dog is friendly towards other dogs, comes when called whilst there are other dogs around, can wait when told, physically sound, and likes to run and leap, then this could be well for you.

Available Courses:

Monday evenings with Darien Frankham. Agility for complete beginners and at 7.45pm, for those of you requiring more advanced training. Please contact Darien on 01908 605622 to book, or email Fran by clicking here.

The price of a 6 week course is £36. Class sizes are kept small to ensure quality time and personal attention.

New to agility? Don’t know if your dog would enjoy it? don’t know if you would enjoy it? Why not try our summer agility sampler sessions to be announced here soon. Please bookmark this page and keep watching for further announcements.

Milton Keynes Dog Training Club hold classes at Hanslope on Wednesday evenings, telephone 01908 667798 or email them by clicking here.

Here are a few photos of some of the classes in action.

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Midwinter Madness:

Irish Setters and Agility?…… yes they do, and get highly placed!

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